Course objectives:
The three year full time Diploma courses in Textile Technology has the primary objective of creating technical manpower to meet the needs of the Global textile manufacturing industries. In the present scenario, the textile industry in India is facing severe competition in the national and international markets. The continuous Thrust for Indian Textile industry have to meet the quality requirements and cost competitiveness in the Indian as well as global textile markets.
        To meet the Above requirements, the curriculum is framed to impart the theoretical and practical knowledge in various textile manufacturing processes such as Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Dyeing, Garment making , Technical textiles, fashion and Finishing with the latest sophisticated machineries. The subjects imparting basic knowledge on Textile raw materials, Testing, basics of engineering, Textile management are
included in the curriculum. Since the advent of computers and its applications has revolutionized the textile industry at present, basic practical on computer applications and Textile CAD are also incorporated in the curriculum. Knowledge on latest technologies emerging in the Textile industry is imparted through the various elective subjects in the curriculum. English Communication Skill. Practical and Disaster management are also included in the syllabus.

The students, after successful completion of the course will be able to work as,
1. Supervisor in spinning mills
2. Supervisor in weaving units
3. Supervisor in wet processing units
4. Supervisor in garment making units.
5. Quality control assistant in Q.C laboratories of textile industry and
6. Start a weaving unit of his/her own.
7. Start a knitting unit of his/her own
8. Start a garment making unit of his/her own.
9. Work as technical assistant in government organizations such as Textile committee,
Central Silk board , Jute board, Department of industries and commerce as factory
10. Technical assistant, fabric co-coordinators, Merchandisers in garment manufacturing
11. Work as garment designers in Ordinance Clothing Factories

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