Information Storage and Management Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering Sixth Semester

Govt. of Karnataka, Department of Technical Education
Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering
Sixth  Semester
Subject: Information Storage and Management

            Max. Marks: 100                                                                 Max. Time: 3 Hours       

Model Question Paper

            Note:   1. Section –I is compulsory.
2. Answer any TWO questions from each remaining Sections.         

Section - I
1 a.      Fill in the blanks                                                                                              5x1=5 
 b).Write a note on Key requirement for data center elements                                   5         

Section – II
2.         a).What are the characteristics of  ILM? Explain.                                           5
            b).What are the Benefits & limitation of DAS                                               5         
            c).Explain SCSI-3 Architecture                                                                      5
3          a). Write a note on  the Physical component of Connectivity                        5
            b). What is meant by Zoned bit Recording?                                                   5
            c). How to measure the Disk Drive Performance? Explain                            5
4          a). Explain the concept of mirroring in RAID                                                5
            b). what is the significance of Parity in RAID ?                                            5
            c). Explain how RAID 4 is different from RAID 3                                       5

5          a). Explain the components of Intelligent storage System                             10
            b). Write a note on Mid range storage System                                               5
6          a). Define SAN. Explain its Evolution                                                           5
            b). Write a note on Fiber Channel Arbitrated loop                                         5
            c). What is meant by Zoning ? Explain                                                           5                     
7.         a). Explain Fiber  Channel  Protocol Stack                                                     10
            b). What  are the Benefits of NAS ? Explain                                                 5
            c).  Compare NFS with CIFS                                                                                     5
Section -IV
8.         a). Explain the steps involved in hosting & accessing files on NAS              5
            b). Explain CAS Architecture                                                                         10
9.         a). Write a note on Server Virtualization                                                        7
            b). Explain file level Virtualization                                                                 8
10.       a).Explain three Back up Topologies                                                              10
      b). Write a note on Virtual tape library                                                           5

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