Courtly: DTE BOARD
Project work
According to the local needs, the following major projects are suggested:

1. Non conventional energy
-          Low Cost Solar Water Heating System for Domestic Purpose
-          Fabrication of Solar cooker
-          Study of Community Biogas Plant
-          Fabricate a thermally efficient wood burning stove
-          Solar lamps
-          Solar powered refrigerator
2. Mechatronics/Material handling area
-          Motorized object lifting jack
-          Key controlled- fork lifter
-          Object counting machine
-          Stepper motor control with selected steps for conveyor belts
-          Robotic arm with gripper
-          Material handling device in X,Y,Z motion control
-          Robotic crane
-          Robotic trolley for material handling
3. Fluid power and control area
Pneumatic/Hydraulic jack
Pneumatic/hydraulic crane
Air compressed spray gun
Pneumatic transport system

4.  Automobile related area
            Regenerative braking system
            Steering controlled headlight
            Engine/motor vibration checker
            Seat belt automatic locking system
            Hydraulic braking
            Electro magnetic shock absorber
            Digital auto speed limiter
5. Motorized wheel chair
6. Design and Fabrication of various types of lab equipments useful to polytechnic
7. Repair and overhauling of various machine tools and lab equipments available at polytechnic
8. Critical Study of existing quality systems and inventory control at industry
9.  Mechanical industry fabrication related projects
10. Automatic mopping machine to clean the floor area
11. Automatic milling machine with digital control
12. PCB fabrication
13. Any study project related to Mechanical and allied areas in industry
14. Any project related to industry based problems
15 .Any projects related to low cost automation

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