Network Security and Management Model Question Paper Sixth Semester Diploma in Computer Science

Network Security and Management Model Question Paper Sixth  Semester Diploma in Computer Science

Govt. of Karnataka, Department of Technical Education
Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering
Sixth  Semester
Subject: Network Security and Management
Max. Marks: 100                                                                 Max. Time: 3 Hours       

Model Question Paper

            Note:   1. Section –I  is compulsory.
1.      Answer any TWO questions from each remaining Sections. 

Section – I
1.      a)  Fill in the blanks with appropriate word/s                                                      5x1=5
       b) Describe the Trusted OS                                                                                            5
Section – II
2.  a)  Why network security is needed and How to maintain                                              5         
    b). Explain Information policy and their Classification                                                      10
3.  a)  Explain  the Goals of security infrastructure                                                                5
     b)  With a neat diagram explain Feistel Cipher Structure and its design elements            10                   
4.  a)   What are the requirements of Hash function                                                                5
     b)   Explain RSA algorithm with example                                                                         10
                                                            Section – III  
5.  a) Write a short note  MD5 message digest                                                                       5
     b) Explain the various hardware securities                                                                        10
6.  a) Explain pretty good  privacy                                                                                         5
     b) Describe the classification of   IDS                                                                               10       
7.  a) Write a note on Signature detection                                                                              5
    b) Explain pocket filtering Firewall                                                                                    10
Section – IV
8.  a) Explain  limitation of Firewall                                                                                       5
     b) Explain the model for Network security                                                                       10
9.  a) What is access point? Explain access point security                                                      5
      b) Explain several ways to configure WLAN                                                                   10
10. a) Explain indian copy right act                                                                                        5         
      b) Explain how to publish an E mail policy for an organization                                       10

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