SUBJECT : Non Conventional Energy Engineering               SUBJECT  CODE :­­­­­­­­­­­­_______
TIME : THREE HOURS                                                    TOTAL  MARKS : 100
Note : 1)   Section – I  is compulsory .
2)    Answer  any  TWO  FULL  QUESTIONS  FROM  SECTION – II, III  &  IV
Q – I ) a)  State a)   Fill in the blanks with appropriate words                                                 1X5= 5
                 i)   Coal  is an example of  __________ source of energy
                 ii)  Fuel cell is used for ________.
                 iii)  Lead Acid battery is used for  ______________ .
                 iv)   __________ is used for power generation where high velocity winds are available.
                 v)   Digester process is used in ___________ energy production.
b)  What are the prospects of non-conventional energy sources in India ?                                05
                                                            SECTIO N – II
Q – II )   a)  Breifly explain the major conventional energy sources ?                               06           
               b)  Define solar constant.  What are the reasons for variation in solar radiation reaching the earth than received at the outside of atmosphere ?                                06
             c) Briefly discuss difussed radiation.                                                   03

Q – III )  a)  What is the difference between pyrheliometer and pyrenometer ? Explain Eppley pyrenometer                                                                                                                          06
               b)  Explain the principle of conversion of solar radiation into heat.                           05
               c)  Give the classification of solar collectors                                                    04

Q- I V )  a)  Explain the working of solar water heater with schematic diagram                      07
               b)  Explain WECS with a block diagram                                                                        08

                                                SECTION – III
Q – V )   a)   Mention Biomass conversion technologies. Briefly explain biochemical conversion       07
              b)  What is the composition of biogas ? Mention the factors affecting the generation of biogas. 08
Q-  VI )   a)   Explain with a schematic diagram the open cycle OTEC                                      06
                b)   What are the basic components of a Tidal thermal power plant ?Explain briefly .      04
                b)   List the advantages and limitations of Tidal power sources                                   05

Q-  VII )   a)  Explain briefly the working of geothermal energy system                                       07
                 b)  What are the general categories of geothernal resources ? Explain in brief hydrothermal systems                                                                                                              08
                                                             SECTION – IV
Q – VIII )  a )  List the various energy storage devices                                             06
                   b)  With suitable sketch explain thermo electric power generators                  09.                                 
Q- IX )     a)   Explain briefly the Seebeck effect .                                                              06
                 b)  Explain the working of fuel cell and their applications.                               07
               c)  List the applications of hydrogen energy devices                                 02

Q- X )      a)  Write short notes on the following :                                                ( 5 x 3 ) = 15
                     i)   Thomson  effect .
                     ii)  Lead acid  battery
                     iii)  Explain the basic principles of Peltier effect                     iv)  Solar constant

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