Question Bank on Indian Constitution

1.                  What is a government?
1.                  What is a constitution?
2.                  Why constitution is called the rule of the State?
3.                  Write the importance of the constitution.
4.                  To draft a constitution to India was the most challenging task.  Why?
5.                  What is the importance of the historic objectives resolutions moved by Nehru?
6.                  What is the importance of republic day?

7.                  What is the importance of preamble?
8.                  Why is preamble said to be the soul of the constitution?
9.                  What is sovereignty?
10.              What is the objective of Socialism?
11.              The principle of Secularism is suitable to India.  How?
12.              Why is India called republic?
13.              Why is there a need to Economic, social and political justice in India?
14.              Mention the aspects which strengthen the bond of fraternity in India?
15.              In the present context unity and integrity are most essential in India.  Why?
16.              Though Directive principles are not enforceable by law they are important in the
             constitution.  How?

18. Mention the salient features of Indian constitution.
19. How is written constitution, advantageous than unwritten constitution?
20. Indian constitution is one of the lengthiest constitution.  Mention the factors to
            substantiate the statement.
21. State the notable features borrowed from the following constitutions:  a) U. S. A.
           b) England  c) Ireland  d) Canada.
22. Why is Indian constitution termed as flexible constitution?
23. What is universal Adult Franchise?
24.  Write the advantages of single citizenship.
25.  Why is Indian judiciary said to be an independent judiciary?

25. What is the importance of Fundamental rights?
27. How can it be said that Fundamental rights are not absolute?
28. Mention the Fundamental rights.
29. Give reasons as to why certain sections of the society are provided concessions
            and privileges in spite of right to equality.
30. How does cultural and educational right protect the interests of the minorities?
31. Mention the right introduced in 2010 under right to equality what is the
            importance of it?
32. Name the right that bans child labour and provides protection to women against
33. The right to Constitutional remedies is said to be the heart and soul of our
            constitution.  Why is it said so?

34. Rights and Duties are like the two sides of the same coin - Substantiate the
35. Mention a few fundamental duties that you have to follow as a citizen of this
36. When and in which the fundamental duties part of the constitution was

37. Name the body that has powers to amend the provisions of the constitution in
38. What is the procedure followed in parliament to amend the provisions of
            Fundamental rights and Directive principles?

39. Write the procedures to be followed to amend the constitutional provisions.

Courtly:-DTE BOARD

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