Advanced Database Management System model question paper

         Diploma in Information Science & Engineering

    Sixth Semester

          Subject: Advanced Database Management System


Max. Marks: 100                                                                                    Max. Time: 3 Hours            


Model Question Paper


            Note:   1. Section –I   is compulsory.

1.      Answer any TWO questions from each remaining Sections. 


Section – I

1.      a)  Fill in the blanks with appropriate word/s                                                             5x1=5






       b) Explain what is meant by a  DDBMS & Discuss the motivation in

            providing such a system                                                                                             05                                                                                                     

Section – II

2.  a)  Discuss the advantages & dis advantages of a DDBMS                                              10

     b)  What is the difference b/w homogenous & a heterogeneous    DDBMS?                    05

3.  a)  Explain component  architecture  for  a  DDBMS?                                                       05

     b)  Explain the typical architecture  for a mobile database environment                           10                   

4.  a)   What are the benefits of database replication                                                             05

     b)    List & Explain types of Replication                                                                       05

     c)    List some of the advanced database application                                                    05                    

Section – III  

5.  a)  Define each of the following concepts in the context of an object oriented

data model                                                                                                             10

i)                    Abstraction, Encapsulation & Information Hiding

ii)                  Object & Attributes

iii)                 Methods & Messages

iv)                Classes 

b) List some of the mandatory   features   proposed by the object oriented                   05

     database system   manifesto                                                                                                                   

6.  a) Discuss the any three issues in OODBMSs                                                           10

     b) Define  the following                                                                                            05                 

              i)E-mail   ii) Website  iii) e- Commerce  iv) e- business  v) Ecosystem


7.  a) What are the requirements for web-DBMS integration                                         05

      b) List & Explain advantages & dis advantages of the web – DBMS approach                 10

Section – IV


8.  a) Define data warehousing  &  its  concepts                                                            07

     b) What are the benefits of   data warehousing                                                         03

     c)  List the requirements for the data warehouse RDBMS                                       05                                

9.  a) With a neat diagram explain the data warehouse architecture                                         10    

      b)  Define data mining   &  specify the operations associated

           With data mining techniques                                                                              05


10. a) List & explain data mining tools                                                                        08

      b) Define CRISP-DM with its associated aims &  tasks of each phase.                07     

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