NOTE: 1.       Section I is compulsory.

2.                  Answer any two questions from SECTION II, III, IV



Qno:1  a.         Fill in the blanks with appropriate words.                                                      1x5=5

1.                  In the elements with negative temperature co-efficient the resistance-------- as temperature increases.

2.                  A computer understands -------------type of electrical signals.

3.                  The sensor used to measure the mass of air passing through manifold is------------.

4.                  By using a four wheel steering -----------can be reduced.

5.                  Electro hydraulic diesel injectors are used in ----------system.

b.         Explain the necessity of signal processing.                                                                 05



Qno:2  a.         Explain Interfacing with a microprocessor with a block diagram                              05

            b.         Explain the process of analog to digital conversion.                                                  07

            c.         State the advantages of digital signals.                                                                      03


Qno:3. a.         Explain with block diagram the general architecture of mechatronics system.          05

b.         Explain with the block diagram open loop control system.                                        05

c.         State the advantages of mechatronics system over conventional system                   05


Qno:4  a.         Explain with a sketch the working of electromagnetic type crankshaft position

sensor.                                                                                                                         05

b.         Explain the working principle of Hall – effect sensor with neat sketch.                    05

c.             Explain with a neat sketch the working of exhaust gas oxygen sensor                      05



Qno:5  a.         Explain the piezoelectric combustion knock sensor with a neat sketch.                     05

b.                  Explain the working principle of Hall – effect sensor with neat sketch.                    05

c.                   Explain hot wire type MAF Sensor.                                                                           05


Qno:6  a.         State the draw backs of carbureted fuel feed system                                                 05

            b.         Explain multi point injection with a complete layout                                                 05

            c.         State advantages of multi point fuel injection system over single point injection

 system.                                                                                                                       05


Qno:7  a.         Explain construction & working of electro hydraulic injector used in CRDI system                                                                                                                                                10

            b.         Explain construction & working of petrol injectors                                                    05


                                                            SECTION IV

Qno:8  a.         Explain working of four chamber antilock braking system with block diagram.       10

            b.         State the Advantages of electronic power steering                                                    05


Qno:9  a.         Explain working of electronic rack & pinion power steering with a sketch.              10

b.         Explain airbag system with block diagram.                                                                05


Qno:10 a.        Explain collision avoidance warning system with block diagram                              10

            b.         Explain computer based instrumentation system with block diagram                        05


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