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Hours/Week - 04                                                                                 Total hours/ Semester-64                               

                     TOPIC ANALYSIS


Chapter No.       Content                                              No. of  hours              Marks Weightage     


                        PART –A                                                                  


1          Renovation & Remodeling of building                      7                                  20


2          Valuation and Rent fixation                                       6                                  20                   


3          Road works                                                                 11                                20


PART – B                                                                                         

4          Culverts                                                                       11                                30


5          Irrigation works                                                          11                                30


6          Sanitary works                                                            11                                30

7          Innovation and seminar                                              04


            Tests                                                                            03                               


                                                                                    Total=  64               Total=150marks






1.Renovation & Remodeling of building                                                                                          

            1.1 Concrete floor to Mosaic floor.                                                                           

            1.2 Converting the existing to the required accommodation.                                                 1.3 Converting the Tiled and Mud roofs to R.C.C roofs.                                                                        1.4 Re-plastering.

            1.5 Re-painting of internal and external walls.                                                                                   1.6 Repainting of wood works.                                                                                 

            1.7 Water proofing of existing roof.                                                                          

   2.     Valuation and Rent fixation                                                                                       


                        2.1 Definition, Meaning and purpose of valuation.                                                                            2.2 Factors governing valuation.

                        2.3 Scrap value, Salvage value, Market value, Book value and sinking fund.                                   2.4 Calculation of depreciation by different methods.                                                                       2.5 Methods of valuation.                                                                  

2.6 Rental value based on plinth area method.                                                                                              

PART – B                                                                 


3.      Detail Estimates and Abstract of Cost of Road work                                                                      

            3.1 Compute earth work quantities from given cross sectional details                                               3.2 Preparation of Detailed Estimates and Abstract of Cost of                                                                     a.      WBM/WMM Roads                                                                 

                        b.      Bituminous Roads                                                                    

                        c.      Concrete Roads                                                             

4.         Culverts                                                                                  

 Preparation of Detailed Estimates and Abstract of Cost of                                     

                        a.      Slab Culvert                                                                  

                        b.     Arch Culvert                                                                                                      

5.         Irrigation works                                                                                 

Detailed Estimates and Abstract Cost of                                                                                                       a.      Lined Canal                                                                   

                        b.      Tank weirs                                                                     

                        c.      Tank Sluice                                                                    

6.         Sanitary works                                                                                   

Detailed Estimates and Abstract Cost of                                                                                                       a.      Manhole                                                            

                        b.      Septic Tank

c.       Soak pit.

7.         Innovation and seminar  

Estimation of  sanitary and water supply connection for a residential/public/institutional building.




General Educational Objectives

 Upon the completion of the study of the subject the student should be able to                                                       1.      Understand the method of estimating renovation and remodeling works.

                        2.      Know the method of building valuation

            2.      Understand the method of preparing abstract estimate for Civil Engineering            



Specific Instructional Objectives                                                                             

Upon the completion of the study of the subject the             student should be able to       

1.      Get an idea of renovation and remodeling of an existing items of a building.

2.      Know the value of property and fixing of rent.                    

3.      Prepare the estimate & cost for the following road works    

            3.1 Earthwork for roads.

3.2 Water bound macadam road( WBM) / Wet mix macadam road(WMM)            

                        3.3 Bituminous roads                                                             

                        3.4 Concrete roads                                                                 

4.  Prepare the estimate & cost for the following culverts     

4.1 Single span Slab culvert    ( Splayed and Return type wing wall)                                   

                        4.2  Single span Arched Culvert                                                                    

5.  Prepare the estimate & cost for the following Irrigation works   

5.1 Earth work for canal

5.2 Canal lining                                                          

                        5.3  Tank weirs ( Vertical drop only)                                                             

                        5.4  Tank sluice ( head wall, gibbet wall with rectangular barrel)     

6. Prepare the estimate & cost for the following Sanitary works

                        6.1 Manhole                                                               

                        6.2 Septic tank                                                                       

                        6.3 Soak pit    

             7. Seminar and innovative practice

7.1 Understand the method of estimating Sanitary and water supply connections for buildings.                                                       


            1          Estimating and costing-II - By H.S.Vishwanath. Sapna Publications.                     

            1          Estimating and costing By B. N. Datta.                                                                    

            2          Estimating and costing   -By M. Chakraborti.                                                                        3          Estimating and costing  -By S. C. Rangwala.                                                                       

            4          Estimating and costing  -By G. S. Birdie.                                                     

                5          Estimating and costing  -By V. N. Vazirani and S.P.Chandola.


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