Fourth Semester Diploma Examination



TIME: 3 Hours                                                                                               Max Marks: 100  

                         Note:  i) Question No. 1 is compulsory.

                                    ii) Answer any six full questions taking two full questions

                                         from each section.



                                                     SECTION -I                                                       

  1. a)    Fill in the blanks with appropriate word / words :                                5X1 = 5

             i)    The type of turbine used in high head hydro electric power plant is----------

             ii)    ------------is used to preheat the boiler feed water.

             iii)   ---------is used to reduce the speed of fast moving neutrons in a nuclear reactor.  

iv)   High load factor will ------------ the cost of energy generated.

 v) --------- are used to improve the power factor of the generating station.

             b)  List the various sources of energy and briefly explain their classification.            5  





  1. a) Draw the general layout of high head hydro electric power plant and explain 

          the function of  any three components.                                                                      7 

       b) Explain with diagram the construction and working of Pelton wheel turbine.        5

           c) List any three merits and demerits of Hydro power plant.                                        3


  1. a) A hydro power plant operates under an effective head of 100 m and a discharge of  

                200 cubic metre / sec. If the efficiency of turbine alternator set is 90 %, find the

                 power developed .                                                                                                     4


           b) Draw the general layout of thermal power plant and explain its operation.             8


           c) Compare thermal and hydro power plants                                                                3


     4.  a) With a neat diagram explain construction and working of economizer.                   5


           b) Draw the schematic diagram of Nuclear power plant and explain the function of

                each component.                                                                                                      7


           c) Briefly explain disposal of nuclear waste in nuclear power plant                              3 




5        a) List the merits and demerits of Diesel power plant                                                      3


b) List the applications of Diesel power plant.                                                                 3


      c) Draw the schematic diagram of combined cycle gas power plant. And Mention its

           main features.                                                                                                               9


6.   a) Draw the schematic diagram of central receiver type solar thermal power plant and 

          Explain its operation                                                                                                      7


      b) Explain Photovoltaic Hybrid power plant with block diagram.                                    5


        c) Compare solar photovoltaic and solar thermal power plants.                                       3


  7.   a) Explain the working of horizontal axis wind turbine generator with diagram.             7

            Define the terms pitch angle, pitch control and yaw control.


        b) List the factors to be considered for site selection of wind energy generation.            3


        c) Briefly explain with diagram double basin type tidal power plant.                               5



                                                          SECTION IV


8.    a) Explain with diagram movable drum type biogas plant.                                             5


         b)  List the merits and demerits biomass power plant.                                                    4 


         c) Explain with block diagram static excitation system.                                                  6



9.      a) Define the following as related to power plants:                                                          6

i)  Load factor

ii) Plant capacity factor

       iii) Plant utilization factor.         


         b) List the factors on which the cost of energy depends.                                                 3


         c)  A generating station has an installed capacity of 50,000 KW and delivers

             220 X 106 units per annum. If the annual fixed charges are Rs.160 per KW installed 

             capacity and running charges are 4 paise per Kwh, determine the cost per energy

             generator.                                                                                                                    6


10.  a) Define fuel cell.

           Explain with diagram the working principle and operation of fuel cells.                   7


       b) List the effects of low power factor on power plant.                                                  3


       c) Explain the meaning of tariff and State the objectives of tariff.                                 5




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