(120 WPM)


Duration of Examination:

  a. Dictation: 5 Minutes                                                                                   Max. Marks: 100

  b. Drafting:  2 Hours


NOTE: 1. The following passage should be dictated at the rate of 120 words per

                   Minute as per markings made

               2. Question numbers also to be dictated

               3. Marks for each question shall be informed after the dictation

               2. The candidates should be asked to take down the same in Pitman style

                   of Shorthand and Draft the documents as asked in the question in the

                   Prescribed formats.


Question One:


Classic Color Lab, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Mysore writes to Sony Enterprises, Mumbai about the order placed for the purchase of Paper used in printing the photos.  Writes that / purchase order placed about two weeks back for five hundred rolls of printing paper.  Already two times email was sent as reminder and a phone call was also made.  The // firm stresses the urgency of the paper as the demand for the paper is very high.  Though two weeks are over, no supply of paper is made so far.  It /// is ready to make payment at once as soon as the goods are received.  The order will be cancelled if the supply is not made within one week.


Write a (1) Business Letter from Classic Color Lab, Mysore to Sony Enterprises, Mumbai.


                                                                                                                                           20 Marks

Question Two:


Government of Karnataka has issued instruction to all Deputy Commissioners to dispose off petitions received under Mass / Contact Programme as quickly as possible. The Commissioners were also instructed to ensure on the spot clearance of grievances of the villagers under the above Programme.  It is now brought // to the notice of the Government that the disposal of these petitions is not as prompt and speedy as it used to be.  Delays have been reported in respect of /// petitions relating to assignment of lands, house sites, etc., and also in the matter of providing pure water facilities to the villages.


Hence, the attention of the Deputy Commissioners are (2) drawn to the earlier orders and instructed to take measures for the speedy disposal of the petitions.  Action taken by them in this regard should be reported to the Government. / If this is now followed, the matter will be viewed seriously.


Issue Circular as from the Chief Secretary to Government.                                                                                                                         

                                                                                                                                           20 Marks

Question Three:


Print India Ltd., Bangalore decides to hold its // Second Annual General Meeting at their Registered Office at Bangalore on  Third March at Fifteen Hours to transact the following business:  One - Discuss the Annual Audited Profit and Loss Account /// and Balance Sheet along with the Audited Report,  Two - Consider and adopt the Report of the Company for the previous year, Three - To declare dividends, Four - To appoint Auditors for (3) the Current Year and fix their remuneration, Five - Election of Directors in place of retiring Directors and to fix their remuneration and Six - Any other subject of importance with the / permission of Chair.


Prepare a Notice of the Meeting.

                                                                                                                                           20 Marks

Question Four:


Sealed Tenders are invited from the reputed Contractors for the construction of one hundred houses for weaker sections of // the people.  Total cost of the work is Rupees One Crore.  Work should be completed within ten months from the date of allotment of contract.  Tender forms can be obtained /// from the office of the Executive Engineer, Public Works Department on any working day in the working hours.  The cost of the tender form is Rupees Two Hundred.  Earnest Money (4) is Rupees Five Lakhs. Last date for submission of tender forms is Tenth November at Fifteen Hours.  Tenders opened on the same day at Sixteen Hours. Executive Engineer reserves the / right to accept or reject any or all tenders without assigning any reasons.


Prepare Tender Notification for the signature of the Executive Engineer

                                                                                                                                          25 Marks

Question Five:


Applications are invited by WIPRO // Co. Ltd., for the post of Accounts Assistant.  The candidates must have Commerce Degree or Diploma in Commercial Practice.  Salary offered is as per the Company’s norms and match the /// industries standards.  Knowledge of Tally Accounting package is must.  Experience in similar industries is preferred.  Candidates should have excellent communication skills and be able to work in team.


Draft Application. (5) 

                                                                                                                                           15 Marks







1.   The Question Paper shall contain maximum of Five Questions

2.   Marks for each question shall be awarded based on the points and the document

3.   The Questions shall be in Simple English

4.   The Questions shall not include many Nouns, Numbers, etc.  If used, it shall be easy to write

       in Shorthand and Longhand

5.   The Questions shall include most commonly used words.  They should not contain the words

      which are rarely used or difficult to write while taking dictation

6.   The sentences used shall not be too long and they shall have continuity

7.   Numbers shall be written in words only

8.  ‘From’ and ‘To’ addresses shall not include Full Addresses. Name of the Firm and place shall

       only be included

9.   The sentences shall be grammatically correct and shall give clear meaning

10. Marking at an interval of 15 seconds shall be done

11. The Questions shall have as many grammalogues, contractions, phrases and intersections as


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