Sixth Semester Diploma Examination




Time: 4 Hours                                                                                                    Max. Marks : 100


Note : i) Data not given may be assumed suitably

          ii) Drawing should be neat and fully dimensioned.

         iii) Answer ALL questions

Q1. The following are the details of Tank sluice with arched barrel  

Top width of bund


2.5 m

Front slope


1.5 :1

Rear slope


2 : 1

R.L. of top of bund


220.00 m

Maximum water level


218.60 m



218.00 m

Sill level


215.00 m

Barrel : Width of barrel


0.6 m

Height of barrel up to springing level


0.6 m

Height of barrel up to crown of arch


0.75 m

Thickness of barrel arch


0.15 m

Barrel wall thickness


0.5 m

Thickness of revetment over 15 cm gravel


45 cm.

Size of rear cistern


1.8 m x 1.8 m

Cistern wall thickness

Top width of head wall, wing wall & gibbet wall


0.5 m

Bottom width of head wall, wing wall & gibbet wall

1.0 m

Clear bell mouth entry width


2.0 m

Suitable splayed wing walls are to be provided

Cement concrete thickness below barrel, wing walls, gibbet wall, head wall and cistern


0.6 m

Clear dimensions of plug chamber = 0.6 m x 0.6 m x 0.6 m.

Plug hole of 20 cm is to be provided for wooden plug in a 15 cm thick stone slab.

Provide 10 cm thick guide slab and platform slab.

Draw to a 1 : 100 scale the following views

i)     Longitudinal section.


25 marks

ii)    Half plan at top and half at bottom.


25 marks







Q2. Following are the details for a RCC Slab Culvert proposed across a stream

            a) Hydraulic Particulars

                        Catchment Area                      :           4 Sq. Km

                        Ryve’s constant                                  :   8

                        Velocity of flow through vent            :           1.75 m/sec

                        Average bed width of stream :           8 m

                        Assume afflux                         :           12 m

            b) Constructional Details

                        No. of Spans                           :           2

                        Bank slope                              :           1:1

                        Bed level of stream                 :           150.00 m

                        H.F,L                                      :           152.00 m

                        G.L & Road Formation Level            :           153.00 m

                        Hard rock level                                   : 148.50 m

                        Road Width                            :           7.00m

                        Thickness of RCC slab                       : 0.30m

                        Thickness of wearing course   :           0.10m

                        Bearing slab on abutment & pier        : 0.30m

                        Top and bottom width of pier            :           0.75m

                        Top width of abutment                       : 0.90m

                        Bottom width of abutment

                        (Front face vertical)                :           1.40m

                        Parapet wall                            :           50mm thick( precast)

                        RCC Jalli work 0.80m high, between RCC piers of 0.15mX0.15m at 2m c / c

                        Wing Wall: Return type , top width 0.50m, front face vertical and back batter 1:6

                        Provide protection works both u/s and d/s

                       Calculate ( I ) Max. flood discharge ( II ) Linear waterway and span                        10

                        Assuming any other data, draw to a scale of 1:50 the following views

            (iii) Half longitudinal elevation and half longitudinal section                                    20

            (iv) Half plan at top and half plan at bottom                                                              20


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