Irrigation & Bridge Drawing DIPLOMA IN CIVIL ENGINEERING

                                        DIPLOMA IN CIVIL ENGINEERING
                                                   Sixth Semester
                               Subject: Irrigation & Bridge Drawing
Contact Hrs/Week: 6Hrs.                                            Contact Hrs/Sem: 96 Hrs.

Major Topics

Chapter                                  Content                      No. of Hours              Weight age of 
Marks in Exam

1.                                 Earthen dams                                        6                                 
2.                                 Tank Sluice                                           18                                 50
3.                                 Tank weirs                                             18
4.                                 Cause way                                            6
5.                                 Slab Culvert                                          9
6.                                 Box Culvert                                           6                                  50
7.                                 Masonry arched Highway bridge                        9
8.                                 R.C.C. T beam bridge                            15

                                    Seminars/Visits                                     9
                                                                        Total                 96 Hours                       100


1. Cross section of earthen bunds
            1. Types of earthen bunds
            2. Details of earthen bund such as side slope, rivetment, hearting, core walls etc. to be
                 determined using thumb  rules and standard practice.
            3. Drawing the cross section and sectional plan showing details of drainage arrangements
                 of:   I) Earthen bund with homogeneous materials
ii) Earthen bund with hearting
                        iii) Earthen bund with core wall

2. Tank Sluice
            1. For the given discharge determination of the size of the orifice
            2. Details of head wall, gibbet wall, barrel or Tunnel, rear cistern, wing wall etc. to be given based
                on standard practice.
            3. Drawing longitudinal section sectional plan and cross section for
 I) A pipe sluice with plug arrangement
ii) A tank sluice head wall type with arched barrel and with plug arrangement
iii) A tank sluice (tower head type) with slabbed barrel and with shutter arrangement
3. Tanks weirs
            1. Determination of the length of waste weir for a given catchments area 
            2. Details of body wall and bund (No Design) when details to be given
            3. Details of protection works such as aprons wing walls etc to be given
            4. Drawing the longitudinal section sectional plan and cross section of
                        i) Weir with Vertical drop or Core wall type weir
ii) Waste weir with water cushion
iii) Weir with Stepped apron.

4. Cause ways
            Knowledge of the types of cause way to be provided based on discharge and other factors
            Drawings of the plan and sectional views of
 I) Low-level causeway
ii) High level causeway  
5. Slab Culvert
            1. Calculation of flood discharge of a culvert using empirical formula
            2. Afflux, Determination of water way and number of opening
            3. Draw the sectional elevation plan and cross section of
 I) Single span slab culvert with return wing walls
 ii) Two span slab culvert with splayed wing walls.
6. Box Culvert
            1. Given the discharge & determination of water way and number of opening
            2. Details of wing walls, parapets etc to be given based on thumb rules.
            3. Draw the section elevation, plan and cross section of Box Culvert.
7. Masonry Arched Highway Bridge
            1. Given the discharge, determination of water way & number of openings
            2. Calculations of rise of arch, radius of arch, thickness and haunch fill as per rules and standard
3. Draw plan, longitudinal section cross section of
I) Single span Arched Highway Bridge with return/Splayed wing walls
 ii) Two span Arched Highway Bridge with splayed wing walls.
8. R.C.C. T - Beam Bridge (Railways & Highways)
            1. General Principles involved in the design of RCC T Beam Bridge (Design not necessary) –
    Concept of application of IRC loading in design of bridges.
2. Details of abutment piers, wing walls etc to be determined using thumb rules and standard
3. Drawing of sectional elevation plan and cross section of
  I) A two span RCC T - Beam bridge with return wing walls
 ii) A two span RCC T - Beam bridge with splayed wing walls
Reference Books

1.     Irrigation manual – Ellis. Tamil Nadu Govt. Publication
2.     Irrigation Drawing - Sathyanarayana murthy (Subhash stores Bangalore)
3.     Design of bridge - by N. Krishna murthy (Subhash stores Bangalore)
4.     Bridge Engineering - Johnson D. Vector Oxford IBH Publications
5.     Design and construction of highways bridge - K. S. Rekshit ( New Central Book Agency    Calcutta - 9
6.     Irrigation Engineering and hydraulic structures - S.K. Garg (Khanna Publishers, Delhi)
7.     Bridge Engineering - J.S. Allegia ( Charotar book stall anand)
8.     Civil Engineering Drawing Manual - TTTI Publications.

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