OOP with C++ Model Question Paper 4th sem Diploma in Computer Science & Engg

Govt. of Karnataka, Department of Technical Education

Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering

Fourth Semester

Subject: OOP with C++


            Max. Marks: 100                                                                 Max. Time: 3 Hours       


Model Question Paper


            Note:   1. Section –I is compulsory.

2. Answer any TWO questions from each remaining Sections.                                                                                                                                                                       Marks


Section – I

1.      a)  Fill in the blanks with appropriate word/s                                                                  5x1=5

           i. …… is an alias name given to a variable.

           ii. ……. is a special member function that initializes the data members of a class.

           iii. The process of deriving one class from more than one base class is called-----

           iv. A ……. Function can accept a value of any type.

v. The ------ class provides the functionality for performing read operation from a file.

       b) Compare POP V/S OOP.                                                                                                 5

Section – II

2.  a)  Explain the const qualifier .                                                                                               5    

     b)  Write a c++ program to illustrate an inline function.                                                         5             

     c)    Explain function Overloading with an example                                                              5      

3.  a)  Define a class.                                                                                                                    2

     b)  Write a program to illustrate constructor overloading.                                                      8

     c)  Explain the concept of constructor with default arguments.                                             5    

4.  a) What is a friend function? Explain with an example.                                                         5

     b) How are static data members declared and defined? Explain.                                          6

     c) What is the significance of operator overloading?                                                             4



Section – III

5.  a) Write a c++  program to add two complex objects by overloading the ‘+ ‘operator.   10

     b) What is type conversion?                                                                                                 2  

     c)  What is inheritance? List out the types of Inheritance.                                                              3

6.  a) What is Multiple Inheritance? Write a c++ program to illustrate

          Multiple Inheritance                                                                                                       10  

      b) Explain the concept of Nesting of Classes.                                                                    5

7.  a) Explain the use of this pointer.                                                                                        5       

     b) . Create a base class called 'SHAPE' having                                                                             10

-       two data members of type double

-       member function get-data( ) to initialize base class data members

-       Pure virtual member function display-area ( ) to compute and display the

      area of the geometrical object.

Derive two specific classes 'TRIANGLE' and 'RECTANGLE' from

the base class.  Using these three classes design a program that will accept

dimension of a triangle / rectangle interactively and display the area.


Section – IV


8.  a) With examples explain unformatted I /O operations.                                                       5

     b) Explain the built in monitors in C++ with examples.                                                     10

9.  a) Write a program to illustrate the user defined manipulators with arguments.                 5         

     b) What are the built in classes for a file? Explain.                                                              6

     c)  What are the different modes to open a file?                                                                 4       

10. a) Write a note on command line arguments.                                                                     5

      b) What is a template?                                                                                                        2  

      c) Write a program to illustrate class template with multiple parameters.                          8

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