Guidelines to choose a project:-


The following areas may be chosen while selecting a project work:-

1.      PLC based

2.      Microcontroller based

3.      IC based

4.      Application software based

5.      C-programming based

6.      Load survey study in order to  select suitable  meter /motor/ capacitor/energy conservation /to improve the overall system in following places:-

a.       Institution/ Hostel

b.      Industry

c.       KEB/BSNL

d.      Substation

e.       Any feeder line

7        Power electronics based

8        Electronic circuit based

9        Electric drive based

10    Energy Conservation related project

11    Modernization of existing laboratory

12    Automation based

13    Non Conventional generation of electric energy

14    Electric motor control circuit

15    Any other innovative ideas in the field of electrical and electronics field.



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