Suggested projects for Diploma in civil Draftsmanship

Some of suggested projects are given below: These are only guidelines, teacher may

take any project related to Civil Engineering depending upon the availability of projects.

Preference should be given to practical oriented projects.


 According to the need of the polytechnic, the following major projects are suggested:


1. Construction of a small concrete road consisting of following activities

- Survey and preparation of site plan

- Preparation of drawings i.e. L-Section and X-Section

- Estimating of earth work

- Material estimating and costing with specifications

- Testing of Aggregates

- Design of Concrete Mix

- Preparation of sub grade with stone ballast

- Laying of concrete

- Testing of slump, casting of cubes and testing

- Technical report writing


2. Water Supply system for one or two villages

- Surveying

- Design of water requirements and water distribution system

- Preparation of drawing of overhead tank

- Material estimating and costing

- Specifications

- Technical report writing


3. Construction of toilets and baths for a shopping complex in a township


4. Construction of shopping complex detailing of RCC drawings, estimating and

costing of material


5. Rainwater harvesting

- Assessment of catchment’s area

- Intensity of rainfall

- Collection of water

- Soak pit design

- Supply of water

- Monitoring during rainy season


6. Preparing plumbing detailed drawings of a two storey building and material

estimate and costing

8. Planning and design of sports stadium in a township or cluster of villages

9. Design of small residential/Institutional/Commercial building including Drawing & design of  structural members, specifications, estimating and costing of materials, report writing and municipal drawings for water supply and sewerage system.


10. Concrete Mix Design, Additives and Operation Cycle.

11. Construction of Earthquake resistant structures.

12. Green Buildings

13. Solar Farming

14. Critical Study of existing water supply system

15. Critical Study of existing Sewerage system

16. Solid waste management

17. Bio-medical waste disposal.

18. Flood water management – case study

19. Changes in Rainfall pattern and its impact

20. Traffic Study

21. Noise study

22. Air pollution study.

23. Study on special concrete.

24. Valuation and Rent fixatation

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