Utilization of Electrical Energy and management DIPLOMA COURSE IN ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING full syllabus

Department of Technical Education


Sixth Semester

Subject:  Utilization of Electrical Energy and management



Contact Hrs/Week: 4 Hrs                                                    Contact Hrs/Sem: 64 Hrs





    s no.                                               Content                                                        Hours    


    1                          ELECTRIC HEATING                                                             15                   

    2                          REFRIGERATION  AND AIRCONDITIONING                   8       

    3                          ELECTRIC WELDING                                                              6       

    4                          ELECTROCHEMICAL PROCESS                                               5   

    5                          ILLUMINATION                                                                       8                            

    6                          ENERGY MANAGEMENT AND AUDIT                            12

    7                          INDUSTRIAL INNOVATION, ENVI………                                      6      

    8                          REVISION AND TESTS                                                            4      



                                TOTAL                                                               64




Subject:  Utilization of Electrical Energy and management



                Curriculum Content                            


    1          Electrical Heating                                                                                

                Different types of domestic heating appliances                                                   

                Types of electric furnaces                                                                         

                Construction and operation of electric furnaces                                                   

                Temp controlling methods                                                                        

                Special electric material used in electric furnaces                                                 

                Electric oven - Types and working                                                       


    2          Refrigeration and air conditioning                                                    

                Principles of refrigeration                                                                         

                Working systems of refrigeration                                                         

                Temp control systems                                                                               

                Criteria for air conditioning                                                                      

                Air conditioning                                                                                    


    3          Electric welding                                                                                   

                principle of electric welding                                                                     

                Properties of electric arc                                                                       

                Welding generator and transformer                                                      

                Types of electric welding                                                                      


    4          Electro chemical process                                                                         

                Principles of electro deposition                                                             

                Electro plating application                                                                    

                Factors affecting Electro plating                                                                          

                Factors governing  Electro better electro deposition.


    5          Illumination                                                                                         

                Laws of Illumination and units                                                                

                Study of different types of lamps and fixtures                                                    

                Design of lighting for industry, requirement, utilization factors, depreciation factors,

                Problems on illumination design (Industrial and street light)


      6.         Energy Management

            Energy Conservation

            Need for energy conservation

            Energy conservation in Domestic Sector

            Energy conservation in Industrial sector.

            Energy conservation in Agriculture sector

            Energy conservation in T&D lines sector


            Energy Efficient Devices

            Energy efficiency- its significance

            Need for energy efficient devices

            Energy efficient motors as compared to standard motors.

            Energy efficient lighting .

            Energy Audit

            Energy Audit Methodology

            Organisation of energy audit activities.

            Environmental issues and its impact assessment

            Global environmental issues.

            Need for Environmental impact Assessment

            Introduction and benefits of DSM



Subject:  Utilization of Electrical Energy and management





1.0   Understand the principle of resistance heating and its applications to domestic and industrial heating appliances

1.1  List the heating appliance used in domestic and industry.

1.2  List the advantages of electric heating.

1.3  Explain the modes of heat transfer in brief.

1.4  Classify different methods of Electric heating

1.5  Explain with sketch Direct resistance heating

1.6  Explain with sketch Indirect resistance heating

1.7  List the materials used for heating element         

1.8  Explain the material requirements for making heating elements.

1.9  Explain the causes for failure of heating elements

1.10      Explain the different methods of temperature control with diagrams.

1.11      Explain methods of striking arc.

1.12      List the types of arc furnaces.

1.13      Explain with sketch Direct Arc furnace.

1.14      Explain with sketch indirect Arc furnace

1.15      Explain the basic circuit for electric ARC furnace showing the arrangement of OCB,  

    Control switch, CT'S, Furnace transformer and Arrangement for electrode movement.

1.16      List the types of induction furnaces

1.17      Explain low frequency induction heating.

1.18      Explain low frequency core less induction furnaces.

1.19      Explain high frequency  coreless induction furnaces.

1.20      List the applications of high frequency  core less induction furnaces

1.21      List the advantages of high frequency  core less induction furnaces

1.22      Explain high frequency eddy current heating.

1.23      List the advantages and disadvantages high frequency eddy current heating.

1.24      List the applications of high frequency eddy current heating

1.25      Explain principle of dielectric heating.

1.26      List the advantages of dielectric heating.

1.27      List the application of dielectric heating.

1.28      Explain infra-red heating.

1.29      Explain microwave heating.

1.30      List the advantages of microwave heating.

1.31      List the application of microwave heating

1.32      Explain microwave oven.


2               Understand principle of air conditioning, types and their applications     

2.0  Explain refrigeration.

2.1  List the types of refrigerants.

2.2  State properties of refrigerants.

2.3  Describe the working system of vapor compression refrigerator

2.4  Explain the electric circuit of domestic refrigerator.

2.5  Explain the necessity of thermostat.

2.6  Explain the working of thermostat.

2.7  Explain the need of voltage stabilizer.

2.8  Explain defrosting.

2.9  List the types of defrosting.

2.10     Explain different types of defrosting.

2.11     Explain the need of air conditioning.

2.12     Explain the principle of air conditioning

2.13     Draw the associated electrical circuit for  air conditioning unit and explain its working

2.14     Explain with neat sketch window type of air conditioning system


3               Know the types, application and equipment for electric welding

3.0  Explain the term welding.

3.1  Mention the different types of welding

3.2  Explain the different methods of electric resistance welding and list their applications.

a)      Butt welding b) Spot welding c) Seam welding d) projection welding

3.3  Explain the principle of electric ARC welding

3.4  List Conditions for successful welding.

3.5  Explain D.C. welding generator with drooping characteristics.

3.6  Explain welding transformer with reactance coil.

3.7  Explain properties of Arc.

3.8  List the types of electric arc welding.

3.9  Explain in brief carbon arc welding.

3.10          Explain in brief metal arc welding.

3.11          Explain in brief Atomic Hydrogen  arc welding.

3.12          Explain in brief inert gas arc welding.

3.13          Explain in brief submerged  arc welding.

3.14          Explain in brief ultrasonic  welding.

3.15          Explain in brief electron beam welding.

3.16          Explain in brief laser beam welding.


  4      Understand the principle and applications and electrical equipments regarding chemical process

4.1   Explain the meaning of electro plating

4.2   Mention the necessity of electro plating

4.3   Explain principle of electro deposition.

4.4   Mention the applications of electroplating and explain in brief.

4.5   State faradays laws of electrolysis.

4.6   Explain the following factors affecting the amount of electro deposition

        a) Time b) Efficiency c) Current d) Strength of solution

4.7   Explain the following factors governing better of electro deposition

      a) Electrolytic concentration b) Temperature c)) Strength of solution  d) Addition of agents

      e) Nature of electrolyte f) nature of the metal upon which deposition is to be made

      g) throwing power.


         5         Know the terms, principle, equipments and methods of design of illumination    system

         5.1      Explain the sources of light                          

         5.2      Define a) Flux b) Solid angle c) Luminous intensity d) illumination    

e) Depreciation factor f) Reflection factor g) Coefficient of utilization

h) space  height ratio

         5.3      State and explain the laws of illumination a) Inverse square law b) cosine law           

         5.5      Design (with problem) lighting scheme for a) Auditorium       

         b) workshop arrangement of lights in rows& columns  and number of lamps in each   

         row and their spacing c) Street lighting with problems on the above.  

         5.6      Explain the construction and working of     

                   a) Fluorescent Lamp b) Sodium Vapour Lamp c) Mercury vapour lamp         

         5.7      Explain the requirements of good lighting with the following factors 

                   a) Illumination b) Absence of glare c) Shadows d) Contrast


      6.0.      Energy Management

6.1       Energy Conservation

            6.1 .1         List the Need for energy conservation

            6.1.2          Explain Energy conservation in Residential and commercial buildings.

            6.1.3          List the Energy conservation tips in Residential and commercial buildings

            6.1.4          Write the steps used for Energy conservation in Industrial .

            6.1.5          Explain the techniques of Energy conservation in Agriculture sector

            6.1.6          Explain Energy conservation in T&D lines.

            6.1.7          List the measures to optimize T&D losses.

6.2       Energy Efficient Devices

            6.2.1          Explain Energy efficiency- its significance

            6.2.2          List the Need for energy efficient devices.

            6.2.3          Compare Energy efficient motors with standard motors.

            6.2.4          List the energy saving tips for motor.

            6.2.5          Explain Energy efficient lighting .

6.3       Energy Audit

            6.3.1          Explain needs of Energy Audit .

            6.3.2          Explain scope of Energy audit.

            6.3.3          Methodology  adopted for energy audit.

            6.3.5          List and explain the types of audit.

            6.3.6          List the instruments used for audit.

            6.3.2          Duties and responsibilities of  energy auditing team.

6.4       Environmental issues and its impact assessment

            6.4.1          List and explain Global environmental issues.

                     ozone layer

                     global warming

                     loss of biodiversity.

            6.4.2          Explain Need for Environmental impact Assessment

6.5       Introduction and benefits of DSM



TEXT BOOKS                                                               


         1         Utilisation of Electric Energy by Garg.G.C 

         2         Utilisation of Electrical Power by RK Rajput. 



         1         Energy management by sureshkumar soni.    Tech India publisher.

         2         Energy conservation and management by monoj nair. Tech india series

         3         Utilizations of Electrical Power and Electrical Traction by J.B.Gupta 

         4         Art Science and utilization of electrical energy - Partap      

          5.        Manual on energy efficiency at design stage, CII energy management cell.

          6.        Manual on energy efficiency in pumping system, CII energy management cell.

          7.        Manual on variable speed drives for energy efficiency CII energy management cell.

          8.       Utilisation of Electrical Power b y S.L.  Uppal

          9.       Electrical power by Soni Gupta Bhatnagar.

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