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Course Title: Basic Computer Skills Lab

Course Code: 15ME13P

Credits (L:T:P) : 0:2:4

Core/ Elective: Core

Type of course: Tutorial, Practice

Total Contact Hours: 78

CIE- 25 Marks                                                                                                             SEE-50 Marks



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Basic Computer Skills Lab












Level 3- Highly Addressed, Level 2-Moderately Addressed, Level 1-Low Addressed.

Method is to relate the level of PO with the number of hours devoted to the COs which address the given PO. If >40% of classroom sessions addressing a particular PO, it is considered that PO is addressed at Level 3

If 25 to 40% of classroom sessions addressing a particular PO, it is considered that PO is addressed at Level 2 If 5 to 25% of classroom sessions addressing a particular PO, it is considered that PO is addressed at Level 1

If < 5% of classroom sessions addressing a particular PO, it is considered that PO is considered not-addressed.


  COURSE CONTENTS                                     



Tutorials and Practice


Unit – I


Introduction to computer hardware and software

1.       Identify and understand the models of Computers, Identify and understand front panel and back panel connections of a Computer system, Identify and understand the physical components of a Computer.

2.       Conduct computer system connection and understand the booting process.

3.       Familiarization of GUI based Operating System environment.

4.       Practice creating Icons and Folders, Creating/Opening of file, Editing and saving the document, Copy, Cut and Paste operations, in-built utilities of OS like – Text editors, paint, calculator, etc.

5.       Practice browsing of different sites using search engine.

6.      Practice Creating E-Mail accounts, E-Mail Group, Sending, and Receiving of E- Mails.

Unit –II

Word Processing

1.     Create a Business Letter and Personal Letter.

2.     Create a Company Letterhead.

3.     Create a Simple Newsletter with minimum three columns. Insert a Clip art in the newsletter.

4.     Create a Resume for a Job Application.

5.     Create the cover page of a Project Report(use Word Art, insert Picture Image).

6.     Prepare the class time table for your class.


1.       Create a worksheet with five columns. Enter ten records and find the sum of all columns using autosum feature.

2.       You have a monthly income of Rs.11000. Your monthly expenditures are Rent- Rs 3500, Food- Rs. 1500, Electricity- Rs.110, Phone- Rs. 160, and Cable TV-Rs. 300. Prepare a worksheet with the Monthly Income, the Monthly Expenditures listed and summed, monthly savings amount (what’s left over each month) calculated, and the amount saved per day (assuming 30 days in a month).

3.       Create a worksheet containing the pay details(containing Basic pay, DA, HRA ,Other Allowance , Deductions- PF,PT, Insurance, Gross and Net salary) of the employees using formulas.

4.       Create a Simple Bar Chart to highlight the sales of a company for three different periods.

5.       Create a Pie Chart for a sample data and give legends.


1.     Using presentation tool, Create a simple Presentation consisting of 4-5 slides about Input and Output Devices.

2.     Create a presentation about a book containing Title, Author, Publisher and Contents.

3.     Create an automated (with timings & animation) Presentation with five slides about different Models of Computers. Use Presentation tool.

Mini-project [CIE- 05 Marks]

1.       Prepare a mini project using the above concepts of Unit-I and/or Unit-II.

å         Repair and Overhauling of PC of laboratory

å         Formatting of PC

å         Servicing of UPS

å         Prepare a report using the learned skills on Unit 1 to Unit II


Course Delivery:

The course will be delivered through tutorials of two hours and four hours of hands on practice per week



1.                      Computer Fundamentals Concepts, Systems, Application, D.P.Nagapal, S.Chand Publication, RP-2014, ISBN: 81-219-2388-3



4.                      http://


S/W Tools: Any open source tool or equivalent proprietary tools

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