Model Question Bank:                                                                                             




1.    What do you mean by career?

2.    Define ‘Career Planning’?

3.      What should be the major focus of career planning?

4.      List out the benefits of career planning?

5.      Identify the guidelines for choosing a career?

6.      What are the frequently asked questions about career fields?

7.      How do connections help in searching for a suitable job?

8.      What are the sample questions asked about a particular job title?

9.      What is the role of a career counselor in charting out a career path?

10.  List out the factors influencing career decisions?

11.  What has startled global experts?

12.  What are the questions often asked by the young?

13.  What are the three traits as identified by the author?

14.  How have the content of our films changed?

15.  In what way have we been exposed to corruption from our childhood?

16.  How can we contribute to India’s progress?

17.  What is global warming?

18.  How does global warming occur?

19.  What are the major causes for Global Warming?

20.  What is the quantity of fossil fuel burnt each year?

21.  How does the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air increase?

22.  Define Greenhouse effect?

23.  By burning forests around the world, how much carbon dioxide is added to the atmosphere?

24.  What are the steps to be taken to save our environment?

25.  What is the possible problem of global warming and its result?

26.  What is the effect of global warming?

27.   What was the usual talk when the parents of the children met?

28.   What ambition did Nooyi’s mother have for her daughter?

29.   How did Nooyi’s mother threaten Nooyi?

30.   What good news did Indra Nooyi want to share with her mother?

31.   What did Nooyi’s mother say when she was told the good news?

32.   What lesson did Nooyi learn from her mother?

33.   Why does Nooyi’s mother take full credit for Nooyi’s success?

34.   What does Indra Nooyi discover about the language of business in the U.S?

35.   What does Indra Nooyi think about herself as a mother?

36.    What is the secret of Indra Nooyi’s success?

37.    How does Indra Nooyi manage time?

38.    What is Indra Nooyi’s passion?

39.   Describe the farmer who visited the dentist’s clinic.

41.  What was the curious act of the farmer?

42.  What request did the farmer make?

43.  Why did the doctor almost ‘faint in shock’?

44.  What did the farmer say when he came back to the clinic?

45.  Who do ‘you’ and ‘I’ in the poem refer to?

46.  Who is the sinner according to the poem?

47.  Why did the farmer commit suicide?

48.  Explain the meaning of the phrase ‘you crossed over’.

49.  What are the contrasts depicted by the writer between the farmer’s wife and her husband?

50.  What memories of her husband trouble her now?





1.      Write a short note on Guidelines for Choosing a Career.

2.      How does career planning play a major role in making career choices?

3.         Explain in your own words the first trait of our psyche.

4.        How does our environment contribute to our numbness to injustice?

5.        Describe the divisiveness that the author talks about.

6.         What are the causes and effects of global warming?

7.         How does deforestation affect our environment?

8.         What information do you gather about Indra Nooyi after going through the interview with Nandan Nilekani?


9.         How did Indra Nooyi’s mother try to teach her the role of a woman in a family? Do you agree with her?

10.     How do you think Indra Nooyi’s mother and her husband contribute to her success?

11.     What does Indra Nooyi mean when she says “I have to decide every moment in time whether I am going be a mother or a wife or an executive”?

12.     Explain in your own words the traditional and modern views of one or two facts expressed in the interview?

13.     Explain in your own words the reason for the farmer’s visit to the clinic.

14.     Describe how the doctor fixed the bull’s tooth.

15.     Describe the lament of the farmer’s wife on her husband’s death?




1.  Fill in the blanks with suitable articles:

a.       Dr. Sanjay is        dentist.

b.      My friend is        MLA.

c.       Have you ever visited       Himalayas?

d.      Please bring me        cup of coffee.

e.       He is       untidy boy.

f.        She is backbone of her organization.

g.      He is        honour to his profession.

h.      Raghu is going to       mall.

i.                world is       happy place.

j.        I met       European at        party in        friend’s house.


2.  Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:

a.       She works      a big shop      Jayanagar.

b.      There is a book        the floor. Put it      the table.

c.       I often see Mrs. Dixit      the station, waiting                                         her train.

d.   Mangalore is      the coast      the south      India.

e.       My daughter isn’t      work today because she isn’t feeling well.

f.     There were several people      the bus stop.

g.   Mr. and Mrs. Sharma were      the shop talking                                                  the assistant.

h.   Yesterday we spent the day      the country.

i.     We had lunch      a pretty little village.

j.     When I was      the bus stop this morning; I saw two boys           the church roof.


3.  Add appropriate prefixes to form new words:

a.  form       b. regular      c. literate      d. accurate    e. operate

f. pure        g. fix             h. technic     i.  tone          j. national


4.  Add appropriate suffixes to form new words:

a. rich

b. love

c. start

d. beauty

e. differ

f. use

g. cheer

h. attract

i. save

j. slow


5.  Give the synonyms of the following:

a. release

b. arrive

c. trap

d. happinesse.

e. large

f. teach

g. change

h. confusion

i. discover

j. charge


6.  Give the antonyms for the following:

a. rise

b. increase c. smiled.

d. strict.


f. full

g. host          h. success

i. discover

j. charge


7.  Add the correct question tags to the following statements:

a.      It is cold,          ?

b.      But it isn’t as cold as yesterday,         ?

c.       It was very cold yesterday,          ?

d.      It hasn’t been so cold for a long time,         ?

e.       It is snowing in the north,         ?

f.        It often snows there,         ?


8.  Give short form answers for the following:

a.          Does Renu work hard?                    .                                                          .

b.         Can you swim?                            .                          .

c.          Are you angry with me?                      .                .

d.         Do you like watching movies?                    .                                                                      .

e.          Have you met our Prime Minister?                  .                                                                           .


9.   Fill in the blanks with appropriate words from the brackets:

a.         His father-in-law owns a               farm. (dairy/diary)

b.         Diabetics must take extra care of their................................................................ (feat/feet)

c.         Rekha is a popular           of Bollywood.(heroin/heroine)

d.         The             country             was prosperous during               the              of Krishnadevaraya.(rein/reign/rain)

e.         You should be           in the class. (quite/quiet)



10.    Differentiate between the following pairs of words by using each of them in a sentence of your own:

a. Wrong, rung

b. Principal, principle

c. Hair, hare

d. Gate, gait.

e. Sea, see

f. Fair, fare

g. Some, sum.

h. Sell, cell

i. Weather, whether

j. Birth, berth

k. Vacation, vocation

l. Bear, bare




11.  Fill in the blanks with verbs to agree with their subjects:

a.       Every seat in the bus           taken.

b.      All the seats in this bus           reserved.

c.       One of my friends             visiting me this week end.

d.      Neither Gopal nor Deepak           come today.

e.       The Captain of Indian team as well as his players                                                                       staying here.

f.        Intelligence and hard work             required to get good marks.

g.      Mathematics           my favourite subject.

h.                  your father and mother at home?


12.   Identify the tense of the verbs in the following in the sentences.


a.    He was listening to her attentively.

b.    Raghu denies stealing my purse.

c.    She has bought a flat near my house.

d.    Kiran fought bravely.

e.    The teachers are discussing the details of the annual day function.

f.     I am not trying to copy you.

g.    Sushma was cooking pasta.

h.    The students have been waiting eagerly for the results.

i.     Risheeba speaks Tamil very fluently.

j.     I have been waiting for her for over an hour.


13.  Change the voice:


a.     Ramu was making a kite.

b.     Close the door.

c.     Cable wires have been cut.

d.     We prohibit smoking.

e.     Everyone loves him.

e.         My watch was lost.


f.     He was refused admission.

g.    Do not insult the poor.

h.    Without effort nothing can be gained.

i. They made him captain.




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