Model Question Paper - COMMUNICATION SKILLS IN ENGLISH | Diploma Karnataka

Model Question Paper:                                                                                         


Code: 15CP 01E

I / II Semester Diploma Examination


(Common to all Diploma programmes)

Time: 3 Hours]                                                                                               [Max. Marks: 100



(i)          Answer all the questions as directed.

(ii)          Spelling and grammatical errors shall be penalized.

(iii)          Answers to Question No. I and II are based on the prescribed text.


I.       Answer any TWELVE of the following in one or two sentences each:                                                                                                 2 x 12 = 24



1.  What do you mean by career?

2.  Define ‘Career Planning’?

3.  What should be the major focus of career planning?

4.  What are the questions often asked by the young?

5.  What are the three traits as identified by the author?

6.  How have the content of our films changed?

7.  What is Global Warming?

8.  How does Global Warming occur?

9.  What are the major causes for Global Warming?

10.  What was the usual talk when the parents of the children met?

11.  What ambition did Nooyi’s mother have for her daughter?

12.  Who is the sinner according to the poem?

13.  Why did the farmer commit suicide?

14.  Explain in your own words the reason for the farmer’s visit to the clinic.

15.  Describe how the doctor fixed the bull’s tooth.


II.    Write short notes on any THREE of the following:                                                                                                 5 x 3 = 15

1.   How does career planning play a major role in making career choices?

2.   How does our environment contribute to our numbness to injustice?

3.   Explain in your own words the traditional and modern views of one or two facts expressed in the interview?

4.   Explain in your own words the reason for the farmer’s visit to the clinic.

5.   Why does the farmer’s wife resolve to live?



1.      Identify the parts of speech of the underlined words:

a.    All spoke in his favour.

b.    Let us even the ground.

c.    I can shift for myself.

d.    She lives in luxury.

4 x 1= 4

2.      Fill in the blanks with suitable auxiliaries:

a.     You                not use calculators in the exam hall.

b.                   I come in sir?

c.                  you lend me your scooter?

3 x 1 =3

3.      Fill in the blanks with suitable articles:

a.    Charlie is        European.

b.    She is         untidy girl.

c.    What is         matter?

3 x 1 = 3

4.      Identify the tense of the verbs in the following sentences:

a.    I am writing a letter.

b.    Sun rises in the east.

c.    I have done my homework.

d.    She has been learning western music.

4 x 1 = 4

5.      Change the voice of the verb in the following sentences:

a.    Who did this?

b.    The money was lost.

c.    The cat is chasing the mouse.

d.     He was made the king.

4 x 1 = 4

6.      Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions:

a.    Caesar was killed         Brutus         a dagger.

b.    We arrived         Belagavi          6 o’ clock.

4 x 1= 4

7.      Add suitable question tag:

a.    You were late this morning,              ?

b.    I did not hurt you,                   ?

c.    Your father is a doctor,             ?

3 x 1=3

8.      Give short form answers for the following:

a.    Does your father smoke? (Negative)

b.    Have you read today’s newspaper? (Affirmative)

2 x 1=2

9.      Add Suffix and Prefix to the following:

a.                        nation                    

2 x 1= 2


10.   Frame sentences using each word to bring out the difference in meaning clearly:

4 x 1 = 4

a.    (i) Sight                    (ii) Site

b.    (i) Present                  (ii) Present


11.   Give Synonyms to the following words:                                                                                     2 x 1=2

a.    Teach

b.    Agree


12.   Give Antonyms to the following words:                                                                                     2 x 1 = 2

a.    War

b.    Happy


13.   Fill in the blanks with verbs to agree with their subjects:                                                                                     4 x 1 = 4

a.    Twenty kilometers             not a long distance.

b.    Either you or I             mistake.

c.    Gold and Silver               precious metals

d.    The captain with his team           arrived.


IV.  COMPOSITION: (Answer any two in 80 -100 words each) 5 x 2 = 10

1.  Describe your favorite tourist place.

2.  Describe the process of preparing tea.

3.  Expand – Work is worship.



Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:


She was all of one-and-a-half years old. Two nurses were holding her down while a third was trying to insert a syringe into a vein to get a blood sample.  She was crying loudly, but I was crying even louder. We had no option. It was the fifth day and the fever had not broken; it was imperative that we run the test to rule out typhoid. They finally asked me to leave the room, not just because they were embarrassed at a grown-up crying, but because they thought it would be easier and quicker for the child if the mother was not in the room. They got her out within a few minutes. She jumped into my arms and gave a few more loud wails. Fresh tears streamed down my eyes as we made our way out of the wretched pathology lab. Her paediatrician was getting into the building just then. Between sobs I told him how my daughter had flung the syringe and the lab had to have three attendants on her to collect the sample. As I was talking, my voice broke. To my surprise, Dr. Patel handed me his briefcase and stethoscope, took my girl in his arms and went to the store just a few paces away. He bought her a Cadbury bar and my daughter’s face lit up like a million bucks. Gone were the tears, the memory of the syringe, smell of antiseptic, cotton …everything receded to the background as she un wrapped the big bar with her tiny fingers and dug into it with all her heart. I smiled as the angelic doctor handed me my princess.



Meanings of difficult words:


1. Imperative: absolutely essential

2. Wretched: miserable; unpleasant

3. Pathology lab: where the causes and effects of diseases are studied

4. Receded: moved back gradually

5. Paediatrician: children’s doctor

6. Flung:(past tense of fling) an act of throwing violently

7. Attendants: one who attends






How old was the child?



What did the nurses have to do to get a blood sample?



Why was the mother asked to leave the room?



Why does the mother called the pathology lab ‘wretched’?



How did Dr. Patel calm down the little girl?



Suggest a suitable title for this passage.




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