MODEL QUESTION PAPER| Diploma in Mechanical Engineering| Diploma karnataka


        Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

1 Semester



Time: 3 hrs                                                                                               Max marks:100

1 Answer any SIX question from Part A

2. Answer any SEVEN full questions From Part B

Section A                    5x6=                        30


1.     Name the different engineering materials with Examples.

2.     Explain the following processes of heat treatment with applications

a)  Annealing              b) hardening 3.State the uses of manufacturing process. 4.Explain common forging operations. 5)Explain with a neat sketch Tube Extrusion. 6)Define Welding and Classify.

7) Explain with neat sketch MIG welding

8) List the differences between Sand casting and Die casting.

9) Sketch and show the basic steps involved in powder metallurgy process.

Section B              10x7=70

10  a) Explain briefly Ductility & Malleability property of metal b)Explain use of composite materials in engineering.

11    a)Explain Thermo plastics & thermosetting.

b) Differentiate between Pig Iron And Cast Iron.

12) Explain with neat sketch the following extrusions

a)  Direct Extrusion.

b)  Indirect Extrusion.

13)   a)Explain with a neat sketch three high rolling.

b)Name different metals used for sheet metal work.

14)   Explain with sketch Gas welding and mention its advantages. 15)Explain with neat sketch

a)  Split pattern

b)  Gated pattern

16)  a)Explain briefly manufacture of metal powder by Reduction method.

b)Name the different products of powder metallurgy.

17)  a)Differentiate between welding & Soldering. b)Compare MIG welding & TIG Welding.

18)  a) Explain briefly Runner and Raiser used in casting process. b)Explain briefly any five defects in casting

19)  a)Explain Gauges of sheet metal.

b) Sketch Ball press neatly and labels its parts

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