1.        Differentiate between soft wood and hard wood.

2.        Give the list of the common names of timber suitable for carpentry work.

3.        Describe the term plywood. How it is obtained as large size sheets.

4.        What are the marking tools used in wood working.

5.        What is meant by marking gauge? How it is used for marking.

6.        Give a list of the saws used for cutting wood.

7.        What is cross cut saw and tenon saw.

8.        What are the types of chisels used for wood working?

9.        What is meant by mallet? What is the use of mallet?

10.     Give the list of the plaining tools used in carpentry shops.

11.     Describe briefly the construction of use of a wooden jack plane.

12.     Name the types of work holding devices used for carpentry work.

13.     Explain the use of bench vice.

14.     Describe the working principle of band saw and circular saw.

15.     What are the common defects in timber?

16.     Mention the important carpentry tools.

17.     What are the marking and measuring tools used in carpentry?

18.     Mention the different types of saws and explain.

19.     What is spokes have?

20.     What is boring tools? And its uses.

21.     What are the striking tools and its uses?

22.     What are the holding tools and its uses?

23.     What is uses of the Rasps and Pincer

24.     What are the carpentry processes used in wooden construction.

25.     Mention the types carpentry joints



1.        Give a list of types of tools used in fitting operations.

2.        Explain the types of work holding devices used in fitting.

3.        Describe briefly the types of files used in fitting.

4.        Explain the construction of a hack saw.

5.        What are the types of cold chisels and for what purposes they are used.

6.        Describe briefly the types of hammers used.

7.        Define the term twist drill; distinguish a drill from a reamer.

8.        What is a surface plate? For what purpose it is used.

9.        What are the types of tools used for marking?

10.     Explain the use of steel rule and a vernier caliper.

11.     Explain the use of the different types of inside and outside calipers.

12.     What is the use of combination set?

13.     Describe how a micrometer is used for measuring a size.

14.     Mention the commonly used in bench and fitting work.

15.     Name the parts of a hand hammer.

16.     What are the classifications of hammers?

17.     What is the use of the flat, cross-cut, half round, diamond point, side chisels.

18.     What is chipping?

19.     Name the different parts of a file.

20.     What is single cut and double cut of a file.

21.     Mention the most commonly used shapes in files.

22.     What is filing and mention the method of filing.

23.     What is cross filing, straight filing and draw filing

24.     What is a scraper and mention types of scraper.

25.     What is the use of hacksaw and mention its types.

26.     Mention the tools used for making.

27.     What are the uses of Surface plate, Scriber, Punch, V-block, Angle plate, andtrysquare?



1.        What is welding

2.        How u classify welding.

3.        What is arc welding

4.        What is an arc

5.        What is the equipment used for arc welding.

6.        How you set the voltage in arc welding

7.        What is normal temperature for arc welding?

8.        What are latest techniques used in arc welding.

9.        What is an edge preparation?

10.     Which type of electrode used in arc welding?

11.     What is gas welding?

12.     Name the different gases used in gas welding.

13.     What are the applications of gas welding?

14.     What is the equipment used in gas welding.

15.     What is a flame?

16.     Name the different types of flames.

17.     What are the differences between Arc & Gas welding?

18.     Which type of welding is used for sheet metals?

19.     What are the defects in welding?

20.     What are the precautions to be taken for welding?

21.     Name the different safety devices used in welding

22.     Name the different joints in welding.

23.     What is a torch? Which welding used the torch?

24.     What is Nozzle?

25.     What is filler material in welding?

26.     What are differences between welding & soldering?

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