4th  Semester
Level-1: Remember

1. List the key trends in engineering ethics?
2. Distinguish between ‘morality’ and ‘ethics’?
3. List different types of values and give a few examples in each?
4. List the civic virtues one should develop?
5. List the types of virtues, with an example for each
6. List the factors for one to work peacefully?
7. List different ways the honesty reflects?
8. List the benefits of empathy?
Level-2: Understand
9. Explain the term ‘respect for others’ with suitable example?
10. Explain what should one do or not to do live peacefully?
11. Distinguish between ‘caring’ and ‘sharing’?
12. What are the impediments to proper co-operation?
13. Explain the factors that shape self-confidence in a person?
14. Explain two methods of developing self-confidence?
15. Illustrate the ethical aspect principle of caring or sharing, with an example?
16. Explain various actions of an engineer leading to dishonesty?
17. Explain Service Learning?
Level-1: Remember
1. List the objectives of this course ‘professional ethics’?
2. Define Engineering Ethics?
3. State the two approaches to Engineering ethics?
4. Define the term, ‘moral dilemma’?
5. List the situations when moral dilemmas arise?
6. List the steps in confronting moral dilemma?
7. State the five characteristics of professionals?
8. State the specific virtues relating to honesty?
9. Define ‘corporate responsibility’
10. Define ‘corporate accountability?
11. List the skills required to handle moral problems/issues in engineering ethics?
Level-2: Understand
12. Why do people behave unethically?
13. Why and how do moral problems arise in a profession?
14. Explain the moral dilemma
15. Explain the difficulties in solving moral problems?
16. Explain the relation between autonomy and authority?
17. Highlight the principle of ‘pre-conventional level’ of moral development?
18. Explain the terms, ‘Profession’, ‘Professional’, and ‘Professionalism’?
19. Describe the virtues fulfilled under professional responsibility?
20. What is moral integrity? Write on its significance?
21. Distinguish between causal responsibility, moral responsibility and Legal responsibility?
22. Where and how do moral problems arise in engineering practice? Justify the safety and other obligations of professional engineers?

Level-1: Remember
1. Name the factors that influence the perception of risk?
2. List the factors that affect the risk acceptability?
3. Name a few techniques (steps) to reduce risks?
4. List various aspects of collegiality?
5. List factors/principles to justify ‘confidentiality’?

Level-2: Understand
6. Describe ‘institutional authority’ with an example?
7. What is meant by Professional Responsibility?
Level-3: Application
8. Explain ‘collective bargaining with example?
9. Explain briefly ‘‘institutional authority?
10. Explain Occupational crime?
Level-1: Remember
1. List the ill effects of E waste disposal on environment?
2. Define ‘computer ethics’? List the issues in ‘computer ethics’?
3. Name different types of problems in ‘computer ethics’?
4. List the ethical problems by computers in workplace?

Level-2: Understand
5. Describe briefly on code of ethics?
6. What are the duties of an engineer as an experimenter, in environmental ethics?
7. How the plastic waste disposals create havocs?
8. Discuss on Industrial waste disposal creating disasters on environment?
Level-3: Application
9. Explain ‘environmental ethics’?
10. Explain human centred environmental ethics?
11. Explain the role of computers as instruments?
12. Explain the role of computers as object of Unethical Acts?
13. Explain the role of engineers as managers?
14. Explain code of Ethics followed in Institution of Engineers?
15. Explain code of Indian Institute of Materials Management?

Level-1: Remember
1. State various provisions under ‘human rights?
2. List the features of ‘international human rights?
3. State the provisions under professional rights?
4. State the features of the employee rights?
5. List the principles of conflict resolution?
6. List the various Special Programs for Women's Development from government?
Level-2: Understand
7. Describe briefly ‘trademark’?
8. Differentiate between ‘Patent’ and ‘Trade secret’?
9. Describe ‘intellectual property rights?
Level-3: Application
10. Explain briefly the ‘copyright’?
11. Explain briefly about patents?
12. Explain the concept of women empowerment?
13. Explain woman and Development?
14. Explain Dowry Prohibition act 1961?
15. Explain POCSO act 2012?
16. Explain domestic violence act 2005?
17. Explain Sexual harassment at work place bill 2006?
Level-1: Remember
1. List the function and powers of parliament?
2. State the positions and powers of the Governor?
3. State the powers and Functions of the Chief Minister?
4. State the functions of Taluk panchayaths?
5. State the functions of Zilla panchayaths?
6. List the functions of urban local bodies?
7. State the powers of the president?
8. State the functions of the president?
9. State the powers and Functions of the prime minister?
Level-2: Understand
10. Describe briefly about Indian constitution?
11. Write about structure of Parliament?
12. What are the Procedure followed in parliament in making law?
13. Describe the role of gram panchayaths in community upliftment?
14. Describe the role of: a) Chairman b) Leader of the house c) Opposition leader in Rajyasabha?
15. Describe importance of Judiciary?
16. Describe the Structure of state legislation
17. Describe the Jurisdiction of Supreme court,
18. Describe the Jurisdiction high court?
Level-3: Application
19. Explain theFormation & Composition of constituent assembly?
20. Explain preamble and its main objectives of Indian constitution?
21. Explain the fundamental Rights of Every citizen?
22. Explain the fundamental Duties of Every citizen?
23. Explain salient features of Indian constitution?
24. Explain the basic structure of Parliament?
25. Explain the composition of Lokasabha?
26. Explain the composition of Rajyasabha?
27. Explain the Directive principles of state policy?
28. Explain the Structure Of The Judiciary?
29. Explain the Powers of Rajya Sabha and Loksabha ?
30. Describe briefly about, Division of Powers- Union list, State list and concurrent list,
31. Explain the federalism in the Indian constitution ?
32. Explain the role of vice president?
33. Explain the role of State council of ministers?
34. Explain the functions of Zilla panchayaths?
35. Explain the formation and functions of Supreme Court?
36. Explain the formation and functions of state high Court?
37. Explain the formation and functions of subordinate courts?
38. Explain the formation of three tier system for local self government?

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