Government of Karnataka
Department of Technical Education, Bengaluru
Diploma in Leather & Fashion Technology


To create globally competent leather and fashion technologists with a strong
technological & industrial exposure to meet social, ecological &economicalchallenges.


* To provide competitive curriculum in collaboration with industry and otherto produce
leather & fashion technologydiploma graduates.
* To inculcate state of art facilities for basic, enhancing skills & proficiency in the field
of leather, footwear, leather goods & garments and fashion in leather technology
* To encourage economical,ethical values and leadership abilities in the minds of
students so as to work towards the growth of the society.
* To provide industrial exposure in leather, footwear, leather goods & garments and
fashion in leather technology.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

1. Able to apply the sustainable developments in various fields ofleather, footwear,
leather goods & garments and fashion in leather technologyby continuously
enhancing their knowledge informally& creatively.
2. Designand developinnovative products in Leather and Fashion Technology.
3. Able to communicate and work effectively in multicultural environmentsby
contributing positively to the needs of an individual & society at large.
4. Pursue a successful career in leather or a related field utilizing his/her education and
contribute as a professional employee or as an entrepreneur.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

A Diploma (Leather & Fashion Technology) graduate is able to:
1. Apply basic knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering toleather, footwear,
leather goods & garments and fashion technologies to solve engineering
problems(Basic Knowledge).
2. An ability to apply discipline-specific knowledge to investigate problems, analyze and
interpret data in Leather and Fashion Technology(Disciplinary knowledge).
3. Design leather processing methods & its end products or components to meet the
desired economic, social, and environmental needs with appropriate consideration for
public health and safety. Design, conduct experiments, investigate and interpret the
experimental data to arrive at valid conclusions in leather, footwear, leather goods &
garments and fashion in leather technology.(Experiments and Practice).
4. Create and use the techniques, designs, models and processes and modern
software/hardware tools necessary for leather & allied products
developments(Engineering Tools).
5. Produce technical solutions in societal and global context for sustainable development
inleather, footwear, leather goods & garments and fashion in the industry (Engineer
and society).
6. Understand professional and environmental responsibilities and act accordingly in all
situations(Environment and Sustainability).
7. Inculcate professional and ethical responsibilities and marshalin all situations(Ethics).
8. Function effectively as an individual and as a team member in multiculturalenvironment
(Individual and team work).
9. Communicate and present ideas effectively (Communication).
10. Self-improvement through continuous professional development, and independent and
lifelonglearning in the context of technological changes(Life-long learning).

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